🖤Black Heart Emoji

Black Heart Emoji

Meaning: Black Heart Emoji

Black Heart Emoji is the emblem that shows emptiness, absence of emotion because it appears like a dead, bleached heart.

With this kind of an emoji, you are able to designate a cruel and heartless individual, or vice versa, a person that has undergone a traumatic event and is presently weakly vulnerable to some emotions. Occasionally it’s issued to signify dark humour.

Also Called

🖤 Dark Heart

For many, the black core emoji is the best emoji for a rainy day when you’re sitting indoors, feeling angsty and misunderstood. It may indicate you’re feeling emo, possess a dark, twisted spirit, morbid sense of humor, or enjoy sad things. But, and a whole lot more critically, the emoji has come to be increasingly utilized to convey support for its Dark Lives Issue motion.

Emoji General Information

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A black core has an entirely different significance in the red heart. A black core is frequently connected with death, evil, or being emotionally chilly (without empathy, feeling or enjoy ). Generally, but this emoji takes the kind of a red heart.

🖤 International Names

🖤 Black Heart (black, evil, wicked) – English

🖤 Schwarzes Herz (böse, Herz, schwarz) – Deutsch

🖤 Cœur Noir (noir) – Français

🖤 Черное Сердце (злоба, сердце, черное) – Русский

🖤 Corazón Negro (corazón, negro) – Español

🖤 Cuore Nero (cuore, dolore, nero, tristezza) – Italiano

🖤 Coração Preto (coração, negro, preto) – Português

🖤 Czarne Serce (czarny, serce, zło) – Polski

This emoji mostly identifies a person without feelings yet still knows them and uses them to control others to despising themselves. It may reflect the dark side of their soul. They’re also utilized to express grief and regret.

Black Heart was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 and added to Emoji 3.0

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