🧡Orange Heart Emoji

Orange Heart Emoji

Meaning: Nerd Face

Orange Heart Emoji is a typical variant involving the crimson heart of love along with the yellowish heart of friendship. Orange color is associated with heat, sunlight and care.

This emoji doesn’t include any powerful romantic overtones or flirting, which means that you may safely send this hub to signify your willingness, encourage, or favorable intentions. You do not wish to whine, and you state with OK Hand, Neutral Face emoji or Frowning Face that everything is nice. But really, you have a great deal of worries.

A Great Deal of Worries! Oh, do not forget to bring a few dots (…) for the impact of drama. Or use it once you talk about the orange color generally. Oranges? Peach? Carrot? Or perhaps you reside some Sun? Place the Orange Heart, meaning I Really like It!

Also Called

🧡 Pleasure Heart

Emoji General Information

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🧡 International Names

🧡 Orange Heart (orange) – English

🧡 Oranges Herz (orange) – Deutsch

🧡 Cœur Orange (orange) – Français

🧡 Оранжевое Сердце (оранжевое, сердце) – Русский

🧡 Corazón Naranja (corazón, emoción, naranja) – Español

🧡 Cuore Arancione (arancione, cuore, emozione) – Italiano

🧡 Coração Laranja (coração, emoção, laranja) – Português

🧡 Pomarańczowe Serce (pomarańczowe) – Polski

To ship an orange center would be to express good care, comfort, and serenity into the receiver. Red heart emoji looks like the most profound type of love, although the yellowish heart emoji looks excellent friendship. Collectively they form an orange center, the special kind of love in which you’re equally in love and greatest buddies.

The color orange is related to significance of pleasure, warmth, warmth, sun, excitement, creativity, success, encouragement, alter, dedication, health, stimulation, joy, pleasure, enjoyment, equilibrium, sexuality, freedom, expression, and fascination.
Ugh, I can not wait to see you afterwards, it has been such a demanding moment.
He delivered me an orange center emoji; I believe he is the one.

Orange Heart was accepted as a member of Unicode 10.0 at 2017 and additional to Emoji 5.0 at 2017.

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