💜Purple Heart Emoji

Purple Heart Emoji

Meaning: Purple Heart

Purple Heart Emoji is an image of a heart with a purple color. Represents affection and attention. Employed by fashion-conscious individuals or actors as a reflection of glamor or riches.

So, it is a genuine honor hint. It’s also about compassionate 💜 Enjoy and comprehension. When you feel for someone and would like to display it, use this emoji using 🤗 Hugging Face.

A hub is used to signify the emotion of love. People have long linked the sensation of love with all the centers. The emblem for Valentine’s Day is a hub. Duty, honor, royalty, and excellent judgment.

A purple heart is given to the United States military specialists when wounded while serving their nation. A symbol of honor for sacrifice.

Also Called

💜 Love heart

💜 Friendship heart

Emoji General Information

Twitter Emoji Popularity (Rank) 43 of 2393
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Phantom Open Emoji Picture Not created yet
ASCII Conversion <3
“Short Code” Name :purple_heart:
Keywords Purple, Violet, Heart, Love, Sensitive, Understanding, Compassionate, Compassion, Duty, Honor, Royalty, Veteran, Sacrifice

🤗 International Names

🤗 Hugging Face (face, hug, hugging) – English

🤗 Gesicht Mit Umarmenden Händen (Gesicht, umarmen, Umarmung) – Deutsch

🤗 Visage Qui Fait Un Câlin (câlin, gentil, visage) – Français

🤗 Обнимает (лицо, объятие, руки) – Русский

🤗 Cara Con Manos Abrazando (abrazo, cara, sonrisa) – Español

🤗 Faccina Che Abbraccia (abbraccio, faccina, sorriso) – Italiano

🤗 Rosto Abraçando (abraço, mãos abraçando, rosto) – Português

🤗 Twarz Z Gestem Przytulania (ściskam, uśmiech) – Polski

Length of comprehension and compassionate love. In the united states, military trophy for injured soldiers. Another significance: today. Hold on! Another significance of the emoji is the honor of forfeit. In the united states, the army veterans are given together with the Purple Heart decoration ( Military Medal) if they have injured while serving their nation.

This gentle shade also suggests you deeply sympathize with somebody. Do not overlook the value of support during tough times. Employing this emoji, you may instantly make it apparent to someone about your empathy.
Instead, should you find this cropping up at a household chat, it might be associated with your own grandpa’s Purple Heart. Thank you for your ceremony, soldier.

Both exceptionally different translations mean the purple heart is disorderly.


When societal media users discuss snaps of the make-up or outfits, they will frequently tag it with the purple core.
Emoji Background The emoji code/ picture log of changes.
This emoji was a part of this proprietary / non-standardized emoji set introduced by Japanese carriers such as Softbank. These emojis became a part of the Apple iPhone beginning in iOS 2.2 as an unlockable feature on handsets offered in English speaking nations.
In iOS 5 OSX 10.7, the underlying code which the Apple OS creates for this emoji has been transformed.

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